Is vicki gunvalson still dating brooks ayers

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Lydia inserted herself in Shannon’s business within minutes of meeting her and Shannon truly went off the rails. During the season premiere, Lydia said that she is the “Friendship Whisperer” and it really does seem like her heart is in the right place when it comes to uniting Vicki Gunvalson with Tamra and Shannon, but she just really overstepped her boundaries.She just returned to the show, she obviously didn’t keep in touch with Tamra and Vicki, and on top of that she met Shannon.Tamra then insisted that the second she saw Kelly walk into the restaurant the previous evening 'it was like the devil looked at me and fire came out of her eyes.'As Shannon chuckled, Tamra asked: 'What was that?She was wasted.''I can't let someone like that get under my skin, and I really beat myself up the next day,' Shannon admitted.'In a way I see Kelly as a child having a temper tantrum.'Reasoning with a three-year-old is not easy and sometimes that's how Kelly is.'Lydia Mc Laughlin, meanwhile, threw an eighth birthday party for son Stirling at her mother Judy's house — with Judy providing the main entertainment for the women.

So she got mad and she sent me a text when I'm seven months pregnant saying, ''You're husband is having an affair on you, just thought you should know''.''I know it's not true, but that's not a text you send someone that's seven months' pregnant.

Warned that it could 'get a little smokey in here,' Vicki then admitted she could smell 'flesh burning,' with the medic finally telling Kelly to 'keep it nice and moist for three-to-five days.'When she told her that 'the only thing you can't do the first few days is no sex, no tampons,' Kelly quipped: 'Oh that's easy.'New cast member Peggy Sulahian during the episode also revealed she recently underwent a preventative mastectomy, Vicki and Kelly had both been the women that Peggy had opened up to about her own serious medical operation, with her telling them at a kid's birthday party: 'I've been going through some issues medically — I've been going through a mastectomy.'She revealed that it was a preventative measure, explaining: 'My mom died of breast cancer — we attacked it before it even started.

So I'm going through this transition now that I'm not really used to and then I have to go to the doctor every week.'She got emotional as she told them that she would return for more surgery soon.'Anything you need you've got my number,' Vicki told her. I'll be there in a minute, to help with the kids, whatever.

She admitted, “I was really excited to meet Shannon.

Tamra is a good friend of mine and she said great things about Shannon.

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