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Indeed, very few players stop to ponder why the Player Character's well-being seems to be divided into numbered chunks but the only one that matters is the last, because it's an established gameplay convention and most developers no longer feel the need to justify it.This becomes even more obvious when the game's gameplay rules are adapted from an external source, such as Tabletop Games.

Therefore, it's more accurate to speak of individual of gameplay and story integration/segregation, as a single game can provide examples of both; ultimately, "gameplay and story integration" is less of a dichotomy and more of a continuum, and games can be sorted based on whether integration instances outnumber segregation ones or vice versa.

If he resists, he’s a jerk and you don’t need to worry about being rude anyway.) If he doesn’t stop after you directly tell him to, then yes, at that point you should talk to HR because it’s getting into sexual harassment territory and that’s their bag.

You could also just block his number, but that’s not as likely to put an end to his advances as a direct statement to him to stop. I sent a sloppily formatted application email I recently worked on a cover letter, resume, and email greeting for a job at my dream company.

He seems like a nice person at work and is very chummy with people, and I wonder if maybe he’s just a little misguided on appropriate interactions rather than a creeper. All I know is I want the texting to stop altogether, but I don’t know how to tactfully say that without damaging our present and future working relationship (sometimes this coworker and I work together, alone, so I don’t want there to be tension). Thank you.” Or you could say, “I thought you wanted my number for work issues; please don’t send me personal texts.” If you feel rude saying that, realize that the rudeness is coming from him; you’re simply asserting an appropriate boundary in response to it.

(And by the way, someone who is a creeper will hear this and stop immediately.

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