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The book's character travels back in time, meets an alternate version of himself, and they have sex.I was immediately aroused reading this, even more as the story progressed.I jerked off countless number of times, often moving an object in my ass in and out to simulate the cock I wanted inside me.

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My focus has moved beyond just cock to becoming a passionate submissive lover, kissing, touching, caressing, and eagerly wanting to please guys in every way possible.The location of his apartment was perfect for a discreet hook up with a married guy.It was a side street off a side street off a busy Los Angeles boulevard.As we made small talk I reached over to stroke his cock through his pants, then moved closer to hold him in my arms.We caressed, moved our hands over each other's bodies, our necks touched, but it didn't seem like he wanted to go farther and kiss me although I desperately wanted to lock lips and tongues.

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