Double you dating

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At that rate, you’re opening up yourself to lots of people who are like-minded when it comes to the idea of double dating.If both you and your friend go out on a double date together, it means you both have the opportunity to meet someone new other than just your date.

While the concept might sounds slightly dodgy, Double – the latest dating app to rival Tinder – is actually aimed at shy singletons, who can’t face the thought of first date, after first date, after first date with random strangers.That being said, you’re not just putting your best self forward, but your honest self, too.One of the major selling points about Double is it nips the possibility for awkwardness in the bud.A double date isn’t just a way to sneak in Friday night face time with your BFF—it could also boost the bond between you and your guy, according to new research from Wayne State University.Couples who talked about embarrassing moments, asked advice on personal problems, or engaged in other “high self-disclosure interactions” reported greater feelings of passionate love than those who kept it to small talk in the study of 150 pairs.“Although we still need to investigate why responsiveness from other couples predicts increases in passionate love, one possibility is that having another couple respond positively to yourself and your partner may provide you with a fresh, positive view of your partner and relationship,” Keith Welker, doctoral student at Wayne State University and co-author of the study, said in statement.

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