Rob bironas dating rachel bradshaw

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Though outwardly he’s always the most jovial person in any room, Bradshaw has been battling bouts of clinical depression for decades now.

Last November he opened up about the depression and memory loss that may be linked to his NFL career.

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According to various reports, he had been acting erratically in the minutes leading up to the accident, with multiple people having witnessed apparent road rage.Last week toxicology tests were completed, which revealed that Bironas had a blood alcohol content of .218 percent at the time of his death.He also tested positive for trace amounts of Diazepam (or Valium), but they weren’t high enough to have been a likely contributor to his impairment.Sadly, it wasn’t the first time Bradshaw missed a day of work this year to grieve.Just hours before Fox’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLVIII was set to begin, it was announced that Bradshaw, always a highly visible presence at the game, would miss the game due to the death of his father.

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