Rich old man dating

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But there are more double standards in the harsh treatment doled out to Bannatyne.Only a few weeks writer Polly Vernon and a number of other feminists were encouraging us to celebrate the rise of "cougars" – older women who trade up for a younger guy. ” while middle-aged men who date "hotties" are dismissed as sad, pervy losers.

Legal Disclaimer: 9has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.General envy aside, for men, most crushing of all is the realisation that rich guys still get the girls.This hurts the feminists too, who seem to feel women who marry into wealth prostitute themselves and somehow betray those women who, for example, choose to tough it out in the workplace.Embarrassing mate,” while another teased “Cringing at sight of old man Bannatyne & young woman pawing each other”. The reaction from women was telling, too, their thoughts being split roughly into three camps.Firstly, by going for an older man with money, some made offensive assumptions about Nigora line of work.

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