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There's also a 5 star rating system, and unlike most sites, this one actually tells you how many people have voted on it, making it much easier to disregard a low or high rating.

They've put in place a comment box, too, but I honestly don't recall seeing any user comments.

The book was largely about her troubled relationship with the late Derek Underwood, her high school boyfriend and Sophia's father.

You even have your own wall for comments, in the vein of Facebook and other social networking sites.

As far as actually viewing these babies, you can either steam or download them in your choice of low, high, or medium quality.

The embedded video player was superb, with a nice resolution and all the extra features I like.

This piqued my curiosity, so, naturally it was the first section of the site I checked out.

There are 250 models in total, a mixture of boys and girls, and they all have two things in common: they look very young and very hot. As far as browsing the models is concerned, I was a bit let down that they didn't really have any personal details about each model.

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