Who is steve byers dating

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As police officers race to save them, pieces of a shattered puzzle fall into place - maybe this wasn't just a tragic car accident after all.

Both women fight for their lives, but ultimately, only one will survive They don't tell you this in the plot outline but early into this movie you realize that Murphy, of the ill-famed ' Murphy's Laws,' apparently has written himself into this script :^).

The Thessalhydra, within the game, is even known to lay larvae within its prey.

Some fans think that the D&D game played at the end of last season foreshadows the events that will take place in Season 2 - the campaign that was too quick and "didn't make sense." Keep an ear out for the phrases "The Lost Knight" and "The Proud Princess." This "Shadow Monster" (which is what the boys call it) will serve as the single "big bad" of the season, tying together all the narratives as both Nancy and Mike will be in mourning (for Barb and Eleven), Hopper tries to get the town back on its feet (while being complicit in the cover-up), and Joyce starts to date her old classmate Bob. in keeping with Stranger Things' gimmick of casting notable '80s stars (like Ryder and Matthew Modine), Sean Astin is playing Bob, an old geeky classmate of Joyce's and Hopper's (David Harbour) who starts seeing Joyce romantically.

Perhaps all of this will lead to the fan theory reveal that *possible spoilers* Eleven is/was the Demogorgon.

It's unlikely, but many have discovered little moments and lines in Season 1 that seem to suggest a deeper connection between her and the Monster.

Stranger Things is, as of right now, planned for a four-season run so there's still time for this love triangle to play out if fans find themselves heavily invested in the teen romance aspect of the show.

Suffice to say, we'll learn about what happened to her in Season 2, how she was able to cross back to Hawkins from the Upside Down, and dig into her backstory a bit more.As of right now, Will is coughing up mysterious slugs and having ominous visions and keeping it all a secret.Though Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Will's older brother Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) grew close by the end of Season 1, even banding together to lure the Monster into a trap, she was still dating Steve (Joe Keery) months later.Another '80s face joining the season is comedian/actor Paul Reiser, who will play Dr.Owens - an employee of the Department of Energy tasked with containing/covering up all the fallout from the lab disaster.

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