Updating windows live custom domains failed

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The procedure for switching your domain to use as its email backbone is pretty smooth, as long as you follow the instructions.Microsoft doesn't advertise these instructions publicly, but numerous individuals online have created similar tutorials since last year showing the same results.But as a clear alternative to the free Google Apps edition which was wiped away, its a pretty positive option for those who do not want to keep using Outlook locally to store their PSTs or are tired of the 1990's Squirrel Mail interface from their webhost's free email service.How Can I Get My Domain Email Working on Outlook.com?

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fierce new competitor to Gmail that is quickly picking up steam.In a self-boasting blog post on the Outlook blog, Microsoft wanted to ensure we all knew that the platform has hit 400 million users as of May 2013; that it's the 'fastest growing email service' in history; and that the platform has received over 600 improvements in just 12 months since inception. Let's frame our discussion here on the same baseline so that expectations are appropriate. You may be someone that would have gone that route for your non-critical custom domain email needs, but instead you're likely just forwarding messages to another service, or worse -- having to put up with pitiful registrar or webhost provided POP or IMAP email.What other decent options do you have at this point?Now that we've framed the debate on proper terms, you can either stick with using awful half-baked webmail through a webhost, or funnel it into a bloated Outlook PST file, or look to a more plausible alternative.is fully capable of working with your custom domain email with just a little elbow grease.

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