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The promotion of nationalist sentiments through the media, public events, and the display of related images is especially marked on holidays.

Among architectural sites with national symbolism, two of the most important are the archaeological site of the old capital of Pagan and Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon. The earliest civilizations associated with what is now Burma were the Mon (also called Taliang) in the south and the Pyu in central Burma which flourished during the first half of the first millennium.

Linguists have identified 110 distinct ethnolinguistic groups, and the government recognizes 135 ethnic groups (referred to as races).

The Burmese account for about 68 percent of the population.

In the late 1200s, Pagan declined and the Burmese lost control over much of the territory.

Over the next few centuries, the Burmese slowly regained control over portions of lowland Burma from their new capital of Pegu.

Shan is as an important second language for many ethnic groups in Shan State, while Jingpho is spoken as a second language by many smaller ethnic groups in Kachin State. Since 1962, the government has used an array of slogans urging discipline and support for the regime and the military.

The western, northern, and eastern regions have mountains and high valleys and plateaus.

The western region has the Arakan, Chin, and Naga hills.

The largest ethnic group that speaks Burmese is the Myanma; there is a smaller Burmese-speaking ethnic group known as Baramagyi (or Barua).

A few regional dialects of Burmese are associated with subgroups.

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