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Not only does your car say equally little about your deeper self, but the type of woman those profiles attract are (not surprisingly) women who are more interested in your car than anything more meaningful.

The little girl in my profile is my daughter who I have 50-50 custody of. ”While these may seem like small details, Michael received my attention by noticing important parallels in our profiles (both moving to Florida from New York, both being single parents) and by broaching them with me in a friendly tone.A few years ago, finding myself in a curious mood, I decided to create two dating profiles on the same site.They were mostly identical—both included information about my personality, likes and dislikes, ambitions, and the traits I hoped to find in a partner.From that moment I knew this was someone I never wanted to meet. Lesson #4: If you’re genuinely interested in a woman, don’t put pressure on her. (Again, that could be cool)”What made this message so effective was that Mike didn’t simply show that he had memorized the details of my profile; although regurgitating that information makes it clear that you at least took the other person seriously, Mike went the extra step by being light-hearted and comical—even a little weird—in his response.He may have been tall and handsome, but it takes a whole lot more to get attention.♦◊♦Lesson #3: Be light-hearted and patient in your demeanor. Women are scared of being stalked, raped, and/or murdered by the men they meet online. Not only was the sense of humor a turn-on on its own, but it showed genuine confidence. Our conversation started out innocently enough—he asked me whether I have free time, how many kids I have—and then, out of nowhere, he posed this question:“Would you like to come see me?

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