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The area was ruled over by the Pagan king Penda from 626 to 655, but his son Peada introduced Christianity to the Middle Angles, the region in which future Peterborough lay.

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Its existence was quite peaceful up until 870 when invading Vikings reputedly burnt it to the ground and massacred the monks.

But, once the troops departed, the spot became a farm instead, complete with its own temple.

It was from the fortress at Longthorpe that the legendary Legio IX Hispana (Ninth Legion of Spaniards) set out to battle Queen Boudica when her Iceni tribe rose in revolt against the Romans in 61.

The first person to chronicle the history of Peterborough, the Benedictine monk Hugh Candidus, wrote during the 12th century that it was “built in a fair spot, and a goodly, because on the one side it is rich in fenland, and in goodly waters, and on the other it has the abundance of ploughlands and woodlands with many fertile meads and pastures”.

Neolithic man found this out between 4,000 and 3,000 BC when the area was first settled and farmed.

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