Sedating a cat for moving

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One must be careful of creating a damping effect by starting at a high frequency and trying to work downwards to lower frequencies.One can "force" a resonant response with enough energy, and then maintain the energy delivered by using a higher Hz frequency to continue forcing effects.Different gasses give off different colors or spectra.For example, Neon is orange, Argon is purple mauve, and Helium is pinkish white-gray.Another term has been coined to explain the electromagnetic waves emitted from an RF pulsed plasma tube . A soliton wave produced from the ionic discharge of the tube.When one uses frequencies to produce physiologic manipulation, the output sequence of the frequencies is important.It is an ideal college level text book that should stimulate discussion and inquiries within the scientific community of EM field frequency devices._____________________________________________________________________________________ There are also videos of the effects of the device on Google Video. For those looking for a book on the use of frequency instruments for therapeutic purposes, The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy by Dr.

This special tube is technically known as a Phanotron Diode.

One should think of a neon sign tube that is turned on and off, many thousands or millions of times a second for a comparison.

The Phanotron Diode was filled with an inert gas ( typically Helium), or mixture of gasses such as argon, neon, and helium.

The pulsed output energy from the radio transmitter ( the RF wave ) caused the gas to form a plasma and then glow when in operation.

The close spacing of the electrodes, coupled with a gas at high pressures results in a phanotron tube being useful for pulse rates well into the MHz regions.

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