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The specimens in these groups were then divided into three subgroups of 12 teeth each, and into two control groups of eight teeth each as negative and positive control groups.In radiotherapy groups, radiotherapy (1.8 Gy) was applied daily over 35 days resulting in a total application of 63 Gy.Radiotherapy application Radiotherapy application was conducted in the Radiation Oncology Department in Ondokuz Mayis University Medical Faculty in Turkey.The teeth were embedded in resin blocks and placed in a plastic plate.All teeth were randomly divided into two main groups according to the presence or absence of the radiotherapy.The teeth were carefully cleaned with curettes to remove soft tissue remnants and were stored in saline solution prior to instrumentation.A wide variety of temporary filling materials is currently in use.Among them, hydroscopic materials are preferred by clinicians.

Hence, adhesive restorative material may be important for radiotherapy irradiated patients.

However, it appears that there are some negative effects on the bone, salivary glands and dental tissues.

Therefore, dental clinicians have to be aware of the effects of radiation therapy on dental tissues.

Eur J Gen Dent [serial online] 2015 [cited 2017 Dec 19];4:8-11. 2015/4/1/8/149675 The use of a temporary filling is an indispensable part of medicament application between root canal treatments.

These restorative materials act as a barrier against microorganisms, exogenous liquids, and medicines in abutting pulp chambers.

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